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Mediterranean chain is an independent, nonprofit, civil and nongovernmental institute working on governance and public sectoral policies. Med-chain is a network of networks hub aiming to foster good governance and sustainable developments within the communities of the Mediterranean Basin.


Our work is primarily geared towards the communities and countries of the Mediterranean basin, namely the Levant, North Africa and Southern Europe. Our areas of interest cover the political, economic, social, cultural, legal, legislative and environmental sectors in the said communities and countries.


Our Beneficiaries:

The causes of relevant stakeholders in the Mediterranean communities and those involved in them.

Our team

A group of experts, academia, and researchers on issues of development, sustainability, governance and public policies.


The institute acts on theoretical and operational levels as a bridge between stakeholders and policy makers, spreading knowledge and empowerment.


Its objectives and main concerns are the present and future cognitive and operational realities and needs on the ground for the communities of the Mediterranean basin.

How we work

The institute aims to establish a two-tiered work paradigm on the cognitive theoretical level and on the operational program level for social, economic, cultural, legal, legislative environmental and political sectors.

Our work model consists of the following units:

  • The knowledge production unit:

A research and training unit working on the production of knowledge through specialized research, studies, special reports, periodic reports, monitoring, evaluation, publication and training on all the areas of the institute’s work. The unit also forms new cadres to work on all knowledge sectors.

  • Projects and programs unit:

Creates, designs, implements and develops different projects and programs.

  • Communication unit:

Coordinates public relations and handles communication between the institute and its partners on the one hand and the stakeholders, beneficiaries and the targeted groups on the other hand. It works on/administers publications, media issues, lobbying and advocacy.

  • Administrative coordination unit:

Supervises the management of other units’ work, and coordinates between different sections and programs. This unit involves the financial and human resource management, and legal affairs. 


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